From right in property to alimony! Know the rights of widowed women? What does the law say on remarriage


Even if a Hindu widow woman marries a second time.
So she will have full right over the property of her first husband.
The day of July 16 was very important for the widowed woman.

New Delhi. There has always been a clear law regarding the rights of women in our country. Due to lack of awareness, women are not able to raise their voice when the time comes. Therefore, it is necessary that women should also know about all their rights legally. There were many movements in India before and after independence regarding the rights of women. Many laws were made regarding the rights of daughters or the rights of married women. Today we will talk about the rights of widow women…

The day of July 16 was very important for the widowed woman. On this day in Hinduism, widows of upper castes got the right to remarry. Because in ancient times, if a woman of Hindu religion used to become a widow at a young age. So he was not allowed to remarry. After 16 July 1856, widowed women got the right to remarry.

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what is the right of a widow in her husband’s property
According to the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, if a person dies intestate, the property of a deceased person is to be divided among his heirs in Class I of the Schedule. If a person dies without leaving a will, his widow gets a share in his property.

Widow’s right in first husband’s property after second marriage
Even if a Hindu widow marries a second time, she will have full rights over the property of her first husband. This decision was given by the Karnataka High Court. The court said that if a widowed woman marries again, then her right from the property of her deceased husband will not end.

Widow daughter-in-law can claim maintenance from father-in-law
In this case, the Chhattisgarh High Court ruled on the life of a Hindu widow after widowhood. Regarding the maintenance of the widow, the High Court said that if the income of a Hindu widow is very low, or the property is too low that she cannot maintain herself. So she can claim maintenance from her father-in-law. The court also said that even after the death of the husband, the father-in-law throws the woman out of the house or the woman lives separately of her own free will. But still the woman can claim maintenance.

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