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Funny Jokes: How to defeat wife in debate, you will laugh and laugh after reading

Pappu’s wife used to fight everyday.
A well-wisher suggested him not to win by arguing with his wife
Rather beat him with your smile,
Pappu made the first attempt and started smiling after the fight.
Wife said – are you laughing a lot nowadays??
Looks like you’re laughing at me. Talks closed for three days.
Now Pappu is looking for a mentor.

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Master – Which is the most dangerous river of India?
Raju – feeling
Master ji (shocked) – How is that..?
Raju – Because, everyone gets swept up in it…
Master ji’s feelings are rising now

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Funny Jokes

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It is forbidden to read…
Where it is written, spitting is prohibited.
People spit there.
Where it is written, it is forbidden to throw garbage.
people throw garbage there
Where it is written, it is forbidden to park the car.
people park there
Where it is written, this work is not to be done.
people do the same thing intentionally
Now look at yourself
Above it is written “Reading is forbidden”. But you must read…

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