Funny Jokes: Knowing the secret of these monsieur’s body pain, you will not be able to stop laughing

Wife – Half of my forehead always hurts.
Looks like I’ll have to see a doctor.
Husband – Oh what to show the doctor in that!
He will hurt as much as he is.
Just since then husband’s whole body is hurting

Keep laughing keep smiling.

Teacher of English Grammar- Today we will read Noun.
Teacher – The girl talks with the most laughs, What’s the girl in this?
Pappu- Madam, that girl is spoiled, She is in the midst of a boy’s affair.

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Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

Store of funny jokes, you also laugh a lot after reading

Santa – Man Munnu, why is the wife called Begum?
Banta – What is it that after marriage, all the sorrows go to the husband, then the wife becomes a begum.

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