Funny Jokes: Master ji asked the student to recite the lesson, knowing the answer will burst into laughter

Master – Listen to the lesson I taught yesterday,
Golu – Sir, I do not know.
Master ji – don’t you know? Come on, then do this, tell what comes,
Golu – I know how to sing, can I listen?

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Sharma ji had given a request to get telephone installed. When the people from the telephone department did not turn up after repeated reminders, they got angry and sent a message, cancel my order immediately. The reply came from the telephone department, sorry, your order cannot be canceled immediately. It will happen when your turn comes.

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Papa – Golu, you were only asked to pluck flowers, now why have you plucked a branch along with it?
Golu – Papa, it was written there that plucking flowers is forbidden, so I broke the branch.

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