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Funny Jokes: ‘Unique treatment of a unique disease’, you will have to listen to the doctor-patient conversation

Patient – ​​I am sick that after eating I do not feel hungry.
I can’t sleep after sleeping, I get tired if I work.
Doctor – It is a very serious disease, do one thing,
Sit in the sun all night, you will get well soon.

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Master to Servant – Just see if the sun came out or not
Servant – It is dark outside, sir.
Master – then light the torch and see the doodle,
The employee is still confused..

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The Treasure of Funny Jokes Image Canva

Pappu used to watch the girl secretly every day in class, one day Pappu said – I love you,
Girl – How will you feel if I also say I love you?
Pappu – Oh, I will die happily,
The girl turned around and said – don’t go and talk, live your life…

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