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Ganesh-Lakshmi ji will definitely be happy on Diwali, decorate the plate of worship in this way


You can decorate the plate of Diwali worship with flowers.
Make it attractive by using pearls in the puja thali.
You can give a heavy look to the plate with frills and goatee.

Tips to Decorate Diwali Puja Thali: The festival of Diwali is full of enthusiasm. Sparkling lights and decorations everywhere make the festival more beautiful. Along with the house on Diwali, the house of worship is also decorated with flowers and Rangoli. It is believed that the better the worship of Ganesh-Lakshmi ji, the more happy they become. In such a situation, the plate of worship should be specially decorated. Beautiful and attractive plates are also available in the market for Diwali Puja, but it is not possible for everyone to buy them. In such a situation, Ganesh-Lakshmi ji can be pleased by decorating the plate of worship at home. Let us know how the plate can be decorated for worship.

Decorate plate with flowers
On Diwali, if you want to give a different look to the puja plate, then you can decorate it with flowers. Although the plate can be decorated with real flowers, but if the plate is to be used again, then it can be decorated with artificial flowers of red and yellow colors. Also, you can make a white pearl border around it.

use glass
Small pieces of glass can be used to make the plate attractive. To decorate the plate, put a big round piece of glass in the center and then with small pieces, flowers or any pattern can be made on the whole plate. You can use Kalava on the border so as not to prick the glass pieces.

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Use goat or frill
Nowadays, a plate decorated with goat meat is available in the market too, but it can be easily made at home too. Gote flowers, triangles and leaves can be framed on a normal plate. Apart from this, place two bowls decorated with goat in the plate in which Prasad or Tika can be kept. To make the plate more attractive, frill can also be used in it.

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decorate with paint
Those who like to paint can paint the plate. Ganesh-Lakshmi can be made with color on the plate, as well as small diyas can be made near them. To make the plate attractive, use golden color. Bead work can be done on the plate along with painting.

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