Gangaur 2023: Gangaur is the festival of loyalty to bind human sensibilities in love and unity

Unmarried girls celebrate this festival with enthusiasm to get a good husband and newly weds to wish for unbroken good fortune, fast, decorate and start the worship of Gangaur with sixteen adornments.

Gangaur festival is centuries old. In every age, virgin girls and newly weds, but a deep relation of entire human sensibilities has been associated with this festival. Although it is recognized as a cultural festival, but it has also become a meaningful inspiration in the protection of life values ​​and the strength of married life.

The glory of the word Gangaur is associated with the happiness of endless chaste married life. Unmarried girls celebrate this festival with enthusiasm to get a good husband and newly weds to wish for unbroken good fortune, fast, decorate and start the worship of Gangaur with sixteen adornments. It is a festival that strengthens the relationship between husband and wife, while it is a festival for unmarried girls to fulfill their wish of an ideal groom. This festival is a high tower of ideals, a unique link of cultural traditions and values ​​of customs.

The festival of Gangaur starts from the second day of Holi, which lasts continuously for eighteen days. From Chaitra Krishna Pratipada, unmarried girls and newly weds worship Gangaur every day, on the day of Chaitra Shukla Dwitiya (Sinjare), they go to a river, pond or lake and give water to their worshiped Gangaur and immerse them in the evening the next day.

In this festival, which lasts for eighteen days, 16 pindis are made from the ashes of Holi and set on a pate and sorghum is sown nearby. Isar i.e. Shiva is worshiped by establishing Gana in the form and Parvati in the form of Gaur. Artistically colored Isar Gan-Gaur made of clay is swinging in the swing. In the evening, in the gardens or in the mohallas, girls and newly married girls in colorful clothes and ornaments dance ghoomar with fun, sing aartis, and are happy by singing songs of Gaur Pujan. Taking water, roli, mauli, kajal, mehndi, bindi, flowers, leaves, milk, books, in their hands, they wish that we will give laddoos to brother, brother will give us chunri, we will make Gaur wear chunri, Gaur will give us good luck. Will give

Gangaur festival is especially celebrated in West India, especially in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Nimar-Malwa. Different places have different ways of celebrating this festival. The girls come out of the house keeping the Kalash on their head and roaming around keeping those Kalash at some beautiful place. Loti fair is held in Jodhpur. Adorned with clothes and jewellery, the whole market of Jodhpur echoes with the voices of thousands of women singing, placing the minaret of artistic lotuses on their heads.

In Nathdwara, a ride starts continuously for seven days. The dress of the people participating in the ride is also of the same color as the dress of Gangaur. Different colored dresses are worn for seven days. The clothes of the general public are dyed free of cost on the occasion of Gangaur. Gangaur’s boat is famous in Udaipur. The ride of Gangaur in a royal manner from Tripolia Gate in Jaipur still brings alive the tradition of the past. In this way Gangaur festival is celebrated with great pomp all over Rajasthan.

Dancing and singing are the main part of this festival. In the courtyard of the houses, there is a lot of dance like saleda etc. Those who have gone abroad return home on this festival. Those who do not come are eagerly awaited. There is hope that they will definitely come on the night of Gangaur. Women have only their songs to express the sweet pain of annoyance, ecstasy and hopeful waiting. These songs are the speaking pictures of his mental state.

The festival of Gangaur is a message of consciousness of responsibility. In this, threads of countless responsibilities of women are intertwined. This festival stands guard at the intersections from where there are possibilities of deviating from life’s ideals, it stops those aspirations whose speed is very fast but which runs wildly without any purpose. This festival is a unique medium to make women powerful and cultured. Keeping personal interests aside, it is the message of the attitude of sharing happiness and collecting sorrows for others. Gangaur Kora is not only a festival of unmarried girls or newly weds, but it is a pledge to bind all human sensibilities in love and unity. That’s why the value of Gangaur is not limited only to women but reaches to the minds of human beings.

– Bela Garg

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