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Gemstone: By wearing these 4 gems, luck shines, there is never any shortage of money


Jade stone is advised to be worn by the people of the student class.
Sapphire gemstone is considered to be the gem of Saturn.

According to Ratna Shastra, gems have special significance in human life. Astrology (astrology) It has also been mentioned about gems. Gemstones are worn to eliminate weak planets and their negativity in the horoscope. According to astrology, every person should wear gems according to the planets and horoscope, but before wearing any gem, it is very important to consult a knowledgeable person. Today we are residents of Bhopal Astrologer and Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma We are going to tell about some such gems, by wearing them you can wake up your sleeping fortune, so let’s know which are those gems?

– sapphire gem
According to Ratna Shastra, Sapphire is considered to be the gem of Shani. It is believed that the luck of the person who wears this gemstone changes, but before wearing sapphire, one should consult an knowledgeable astrologer. It starts showing its effect soon after wearing this gemstone. Never wear ruby, coral and topaz with this gem.

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– emerald gem
According to gemology and astrology, the emerald gemstone represents the planet Mercury. Emerald can be worn for promotion in business and job. Wearing emerald gemstone increases one’s self-confidence and intelligence also increases. This gem is especially considered for business people. Pearls, coral and topaz should never be worn with emerald gemstone.

-Tiger Gems
Tiger gemstone also shows its effect very quickly on the wearer like Neelam gemstone. It is believed that people suffering from financial constraints get rid of their troubles by wearing Tiger gemstone. Along with this, this gem also gives progress in career.

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-jade stone
Jade stone is advised to be worn by people of the student class because Jade stone not only benefits money, but it also increases concentration. According to gemology, green jade stone can be worn to get progress in job or business. Wearing this gemstone brings promotion, respect and wealth in the society.

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