Geo-BP started selling E20 petrol in the country, what is its specialty, how is it different from conventional fuel?

New Delhi. Reliance Industries and BP Today’s fuel and mobility joint venture Jio-BP (Jio-bp) has introduced E20 in the petrol market. In a statement issued by Reliance, it has been said that this is a step taken keeping in mind the company’s net zero (zero carbon emission) ambitions and the instructions of the Government of India. This petrol will be available at select Jio-BP pumps. With this move, Jio-BP has become one of the first fuel sellers to start selling E20 petrol in India.

This petrol can only be used in E20 petrol compatible vehicles. It has a mixture of 80 per cent fossil fuel and 20 per cent ethanol. The government is encouraging the use of E20 blended petrol. The purpose behind this is to reduce the country’s dependence on petrol imports, reduce carbon emissions, ensure better air quality, self-reliance, use perishable food grains, increase farmers’ income, generate employment and create better investment opportunities.

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India’s fast growing fuel market
India’s fuel and mobility market is growing at a very fast pace. The company says that India will be the fastest growing fuel market in the next 20 years. According to Reliance, Jio-BP’s E20 petrol stations have been designed keeping in mind the increasing demand of the country and they are established in such a place where customers will not have any problem in reaching. Jio-BP aims to provide not only fuel through these stations but also EV charging, refreshments and eatables and in future more low carbon emission products. The company says that Reliance has deep experience and presence in customer-oriented business in India, while BP has global experience in the field of high-grade fuels, lubricants and advanced low-carbon mobility solutions. According to Reliance, all these things together enable this joint venture to become the market leader in mobility and fuel in India.

About Geo-BP
Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) is a joint venture between Reliance and BP. It is being operated under the brand name Jio-BP. This venture is getting a consumer base of lakhs of people through Reliance’s digital platform Jio. At the same time, BP is contributing to this venture with its global experience in the field of high-quality fuels and lubricants. RBML also provides advanced mobility solutions like electric vehicle charging and battery swapping facilities apart from conventional fuels. ‘Air BP-Geo’ is the leading supplier of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) in the country. ‘Jio-bp Fuel4U’ offers doorstep delivery of diesel.

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