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Get decoration ideas from here to decorate the house of worship on Krishna Janmashtami


Use blue light to decorate the house of worship.
Make a Rangoli in front of the door of the house of worship.

Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas: The month of Bhadau has started. In this month, the festival of Janmashtami (Krishna Janmashtami 2022) is celebrated with great pomp. Kanha was born in Rohini Nakshatra. For the arrival of Bal Gopal on Shri Krishna Jayanti, special decorations are done in temples and homes, fifty-six bhogs are made and kirtans are performed. On this day, people make special decorations of the houses of worship. If you are going to celebrate Janmashtami at home this time and are looking for some simple decoration ideas, then here we are making you 5 such easy decoration ideas with the help of which you can beautify the house and decorate the court of Kanha.

Decorate the house of worship on Janmashtami like this

decorate with fragrant flowers
Lord Krishna loves fragrant flowers like Vaijayanti, Jasmine and Mogra. In such a situation, you should decorate the house with these flowers and decorate the temple in a special way with its rings. The atmosphere of the house will become devotional.

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Decorate with colorful lights and candles
You can use colorful lights and candles to decorate the house of worship. On this day, you should use strings of blue, white, pink or yellow fringes in the temple. By placing these lights or candles on the tableau of Lord Krishna or the temple, the whole house will be lit up.

draw rangoli
On the day of the festival, if you make beautiful and colorful Rangoli in front of the house and temple, then it is considered auspicious. It not only enhances the beauty, but it is also a way of welcoming the deities. It is believed that at the time of welcoming the arrival of Lord Krishna at midnight, if Rangoli is decorated in front of the house or temple, then they are happy.

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make dahi handi
Lord Krishna loves ‘curd’ and butter and you can paint Dahi Handi and hang it in the temple on Janmashtami. You can also decorate the house with colorful flags.

decorate the flute
Lord Krishna loves to play the flute. He is not worshipped without the flute. In such a situation, on Janmashtami, decorate the flute with lace, beads and colored ribbons and keep it near God. By doing this God is pleased and the decoration is considered complete.

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