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Get ready for Diwali in such a way that your glow will double, see makeup tips

Diwali Make-Up Tips: How to get ready for Diwali Puja, which eyeshadow to apply, what kind of makeup look to take? If you are also troubled by such questions, then we give answers to these questions of yours. To know how you can add more to the traditional look of Diwali Puja, read the step by step makeup tips given here.

After the pre-skin care before Diwali, today it is the turn of the final look. And why not the pictures taken on this day are the profile photos of WhatsApp and Instagram that are made throughout the year.

start with primer

Prepare your canvas i.e. your skin for the Diwali makeup look and first of all, prepare the skin by applying a primer. With this the pores will be closed, the texture will be even and the makeup will last.

Now it’s Base’s turn

Remember, the better the base is done, the better the makeup will come. For this, take foundation according to your complexion and spread it all over the skin while dabbling. Keep its quantity low.

Remove uneven skin tone

In the next step, hide your darkspots, acne marks or other blemishes and use a concealer. For a brightening effect, use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your shade. It would be better to use a water proof concealer.

Now it is the turn of pressed powder

So far now it’s your turn to lock the base. Use pressed powder for this. This also makes your skin look flawless and smooth. Now comes the turn of the rest of the face.

Add Color With Blush

Now take a blush of your choice and matching clothes and apply on the cheeks. Matte blush can be a good choice for a healthy, radiant and fresh look. Blend it in outwards direction. Apply the remaining blush above the nose and on the chin.

Enhance the look with highlighter

Now bring the highlighter on the parts of your face you want to highlight. Apply it above your nose, on your cheeks, above your eyebrows to make a sign on your face.

Now it’s the turn of eye makeup

Fill your eyebrows first. It would be better if you select the color brown. Then apply liner. You can apply only colored eyeliner or if you want, apply eyeliner of your dress color on top of black. Now select Eyeshadow. If you are confused about the color, then take any shade of brown, it goes to everything. If you want, you can also do smokey eyes. Keep in mind that the product should be water proof. Eye makeup can be completed by applying black or colored kajal in the lower water line as well.

Now it’s Lips’ turn

Nude lips are in trend these days

Nowadays it is a trend to keep the lips nude, otherwise its simple formula is that if you are focusing on eye makeup, then keep the lips simple. Or if you want to darken the lips, then keep the eyes simple. It is okay to highlight one point at a time. In the end, set the makeup with the makeup setter.

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