Ghaziabad Food: Mouth watering! These are wonderful golgappas with curd, see the location and come here immediately

Report: Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is a great place for those who enjoy spicy and new taste. Here you will get to taste many unique street foods in the old streets, squares and narrow streets. Although Golgappas and chaat are easily available everywhere, but everyone’s taste is different. If you are looking for that taste every time you want to eat in Ghaziabad, then come to Shree Banke Bihari Chaat Bhandar located in Shalimar Garden. Golgappas with curd are very famous here. Seeing these golgappas, your mouth will also water.

Talking to News 18 local, shop owner Anil Rathore told that sweet chutney, green chutney, curd, cardamom powder, lachha, salty, pomegranate, coriander, special cumin spice are made in these golgappas. Which makes its taste wonderful. The price of these golgappas is Rs 40, in which you get six pieces. Apart from this, the demand for Golgappas with Bhalla is also high.

How and where is this chaat shop?

The review of these delicious golgappas was given to us by Aryan Dhar, a frequent visitor here. Aryan told us that when he goes for a walk in the evening, he tests golgappas with curd. It is also good for health because fruits are also included in it. Apart from this, he is also very fond of Tikki here. Earlier this chaat shop used to be located in Dilshad Garden, Delhi. But now it is in Shalimar Garden. Golgappas, tikkis, pav bhaji, dahi bhalle etc are available in this chaat store.

If you also want to taste this, then you can reach Shalimar Garden by taking an e-rickshaw from Dilshad Garden Metro. And you can also take the help of Google Map given here.

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