Give 5 types of Dhuni in the house, negative energy will go away, wealth and progress will start forming.


Dhuni increases positivity in the house.
By giving fumigation of Guggul, troubles go away.

Astro Tips of Dhuni : The tradition of giving incense or dhuni in Sanatan Dharma is centuries old. According to beliefs, by regularly giving dhuni in the house, negative energy is destroyed and the communication of positive energy increases. Apart from this, there are some special things, whose dhuni is given regularly to keep the atmosphere pure in the house. By fumigation of these things, the house can also be saved from the evil eye. resident of bhopal Astrologer and Vastu Expert Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma We are telling about five such things, by giving dhuni, the atmosphere of the house can be purified and purified.

neem leaf fumigation

Neem is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Neem is very beneficial for health. By burning dry neem leaves in the house and fumigating them, the harmful bacteria present in the house are eliminated. If fumigation of neem leaves is given regularly in the house, then it also ends the negative energy present in the house.

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incense sticks

Frankincense is kept in the category of aromatic ingredients in Hindu religion and it also has special importance. According to religious beliefs, burning frankincense in the house attracts supernatural powers. To give incense of frankincense, it is lit by placing it on smoldering embers or embers.

dashang flower fumigation

Good incense is made by burning equal quantity of sandalwood, leprosy, nakhal, resin, jaggery, sugar, fingernail, jatamansi, small and small. This is called Dashang Dhoop. According to beliefs, burning this incense in the house increases the circulation of positive energy in the house.

camphor and clove

It is good to give camphor and clove dhuni in the house every morning and evening. It is considered auspicious to worship by burning camphor even during Aarti or Puja recitation. By giving fumigation of camphor and cloves in the house, Vaastu Dosh ends and Gods and Goddesses remain happy.

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google smoke

If there is trouble everyday in the house due to some matter, then giving Guggul’s dhuni can prove to be beneficial. Old disputes end with its fumigation. Its fume also removes mental stress.

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