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Give complementary food to children after 6 months, but avoid packaged food, know what is the reason

No Packaged Food For Babies: For young children, there is no better food than mother’s milk, but when the children are 6 months old, they have to be given solid food along with milk. The diet of a child of this age should include four meals. It is better if there are two big and two small miles in these four miles. They will eat only two to three spoons or less but it is necessary to give food four times a day. For this, many parents choose the packaged food that comes in the market. Know why packaged food should not be given to children.

Nutrients may be lacking

Packaged food available in the market claims to contain all kinds of nutrients, but it spoils the habit of children. On giving such food, they do not want to eat any other type of food. The result is that they do not get all the nutrients that can be found from natural food. No matter how much nutrients you put in the food in the box, it does not matter what comes in natural food. They have a self-life i.e. nutrients become less with time.

Give variety of food to children

Children get all the nutrients and they should get used to eating all kinds of food, so it is important that they are given food items alternately. In this regard, experts believe that at the age of 6 months, give any food to the child in the form of pudding, that is, mash it and feed it. You can feed him things like banana, plain lentils, khichdi, porridge, flour pudding. Mix all these well and do not add any other spices except salt and sugar.

At what age, what kind of food should be given

Give small meals to the child several times a day. Give him mashed fruits and gradually increase the amount of food. You can start with a spoon. For 6 to 8 months, the child should be given paste-like food. For 9 to 11 months, he should be given food like salad to chew because teeth start coming out at this time. Till he is one year old, feed him all kinds of simple food made at home so that he gets used to it. If possible for children, make it in ghee. Vitamin D is absorbed by ghee.

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