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Go to Assam to enjoy Asia’s first Amphitheater, you will see beautiful views


Amphi theater is called theatre, where dance and drama are staged.
In this building of Rang Mahal, there used to be games like elephant and buffalo fight.

Rang Ghar The First Amphitheatre: Assam is especially known for its tea plantations. There are many such things here, which fascinates the tourists. One such thing is the color house here. This is the first Amphi theater in Asia. This is an ancient building, which was built by King Ehom in the 18th century. At that time this theater used to be a part of the sports pavilion. In this 10 meter high building, games like elephant and buffalo fight used to be organized during festivals like Bihu here. This building is a double story structure. Rang Mahal means House of Entertainment, which was used only for entertainment and during the main festivals of that time many games were organized in this palace.

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This building is made of red bricks. This building is located at a distance of three kilometers from Sivasagar Town. Due to having so much historical importance, this Rang Mahal was also made the logo in 2007 during the 33rd National Games being held in Assam. Due to some survey and earthquake, 35 cracks have also come in this beautiful palace which can be easily noticed. Even after this, this palace is equally beautiful and its glory has not decreased in the slightest. If you are going to Assam, then you must also visit this Rang Mahal once.

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