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Goat Milk Benefits: Does drinking goat milk increase platelets? Half a glass sold for Rs 750 in Lucknow

Report: Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow: Dengue is currently wreaking havoc in Uttar Pradesh. The capital Lucknow is also in its grip. Dengue has created havoc in Lucknow. More than one thousand patients are currently admitted in different hospitals of dengue. Patients are unable to get beds in hospitals. Everyday 200 to 300 patients are coming to government or private hospitals for dengue checkup and treatment. Meanwhile, the goat milk sellers in Lucknow are also charging arbitrary money from the people.

Actually, it is believed that drinking goat’s milk is very beneficial when the plate count is low. This is the reason that nowadays people in Lucknow are forced to buy goat milk from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 per liter. Whereas only half a glass of milk is being given for Rs 750.

The demand for goat’s milk is increasing day and night in Lucknow. Most of the people sell goat’s milk in the area behind LDA colony of Rajajipuram, Lucknow. In this entire area, from morning to evening, the relatives of dengue patients are reaching to get goat’s milk. Goat milk seller Suman told that 11 to 12 people are coming to him everyday. Although she says that she is giving a glass of milk for Rs.50, while the customer Avnish Kumar Singh says that he has been charged Rs.750 for half a glass of goat’s milk. He also told that goat’s milk is continuously being sold there at expensive prices.

Expert said – Goat’s milk is not necessary
Dr. Ajay Shankar Tripathi, Medical Superintendent of Lokbandhu Hospital told that dengue comes every year, people fall ill but people do not need to worry too much in this. Because treatment is being done in hospitals. He said that goat’s milk is helpful in increasing platelets or in any kind of treatment of dengue, it has not been proved scientifically yet.

Doctor Ajay Tripathi said that if someone is drinking goat’s milk in daily routine then he can drink it but only for dengue if people are paying heavy price for goat’s milk, then they are getting upset for this milk. They don’t need to do that at all. Dr Tripathi says that according to science, so far it has not been proved anywhere that goat’s milk is effective in case of dengue.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 14, 2022, 11:28 IST



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