Gold Price Weekly: Gold became costlier in a week, the luster of silver decreased, gold prices may continue to rise further

New Delhi. There has been a rise in the weekly prices of gold in the Indian bullion market. Whereas silver has become cheaper. In this business week, a rise of Rs 145 per 10 grams has been registered in the price of gold, while there has been a slight decline in the price of silver by Rs 81 per kg. According to the website of the India Bullion and Jewelers Association ie IBJA, at the beginning of the last business week (January 23 to January 27), the rate of 24 carat gold (Gold) was 57,044, which increased to Rs 57,189 per 10 grams by Friday. Is. At the same time, the price of 999 purity silver has come down from Rs 68,273 to Rs 68,192 per kg.

It is noteworthy that the prices issued by IBGA give information about the standard price of gold of different purity. All these prices are before taxes and making charges. The rates issued by IBGA are common across the country but GST is not included in its prices.

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How much did the gold rate change in the last one week?
January 23, 2022 – Rs 57,044 per 10 grams
January 24, 2022 – Rs 57,322 per 10 grams
January 25, 2022 – Rs 57,138 per 10 grams
January 26, 2022 – Market holiday
January 27, 2022 – Rs 57,189 per 10 grams

How much did the rate of silver change in the last one week?
January 23, 2022 – Rs 68,273 per kg
January 24, 2022 – Rs 68,137 per kg
January 25, 2022 – Rs 67,894 per kg
January 26, 2022 – Market holiday
January 27, 2022 – Rs 68,192 per kg

Gold prices may continue to rise further
According to experts, the price of gold can cross the price of 64 thousand rupees this year. If we look at the current trend of gold now, then gold can reach this level soon. Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, said that the price of gold may remain high this year. The positive effect of Central Bank buying gold will be seen on gold. Kedia said that in 2023, gold can reach the level of 64 thousand rupees.

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