Google Layoff: Employees fired from Google will get these facilities!

New Delhi. Last week, Google made the biggest layoff in its history amid continuous job cuts in IT and tech companies. The company decided to lay off 12 thousand employees at one go. It is being told that the employees affected by this retrenchment were not informed about this earlier. A new term is emerging in the form of ‘Golden 12K’ for the employees fired after retrenchment.

A few days after the layoff announcement, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared a letter announcing a package for the laid-off employees. Which Google has named ‘Golden 12K’. In fact, earlier a professional community app ‘Blind’ started a discussion about the term ‘Google 12K’. To which some Google employees responded with an explanation.

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What is ‘Golden 12K’?
Sundar Pichai has fired 12 thousand employees of Google. This is about 6 percent of Google’s total workforce. However, Google has made sure that the employees will be given a good compensation package. According to some of the employees who responded on Blind, the term ‘Golden 12K’ was coined to refer to the pay given to Google employees who have been laid off.

What is Google offering to the fired employees?
Google will pay the fired employees for the notification period i.e. at least 60 days. At the same time, Google will also give a severance package to those employees, which will be equal to at least 16 weeks’ salary. Also, for every year spent by the employee in the company, an additional salary of 2 weeks will be given. Apart from this, the company will also provide salary to the employees for the year 2022 bonus and remaining holidays. Google is offering six months of healthcare service, placement services and immigration support for those affected by the layoffs. Let us tell you that these benefits have been announced for the employees of America.

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