Green beans are very beneficial, this is how Bhagyashree consumes them, you should also include them in the diet

Green Beans Recipe: Apart from her fitness and travel blogs, veteran actress Bhagyashree often shares nutritional food recipes on social media. Then whether it is simple vegetables, spices or any way to include common fruits in the diet. On social media, she shares everything that has been beneficial for her fitness and health. Recently, Bhagyashree has shared a simple vegetable recipe of green beans for her fans, which can be healthy and beneficial for our health in many ways.

Bhagyashree told how to make green beans
To make fresh green beans, first cut and wash 300 grams of beans. Now turn on the gas and keep a pan on it. Now put a little oil in it and add one teaspoon cumin, a pinch of asafoetida, 2 chopped green chilies.

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