Grow 5 special plants from leaves, the hassle of rooting or grafting will end, the beauty of the garden will increase

How to Grow Plants From Leaves: People who are fond of gardening often plant different types of plants in the garden. In such a situation, some people bring new plants from the market. So there many people grow a new plant with the help of root or cuttings of plants. Do you know that some special plants can also be grown from the leaves (Gardening tips). Yes, you can add beauty to your garden by growing new plants from the leaves.

Some beautiful plants in the garden make your entire garden green and attractive. In such a situation, people often buy expensive plants from the market to give the best look to the garden. However, if you wish, you can prepare a new plant from the leaves at home. So let’s know about some easy gardening tips to make plants from leaves.

Aloe Vera- Aloe vera plant is recognized in many places by names like Ghritkumari, Gwarpatha and Gheegwar. In this case, to prepare a new plant from aloe vera leaf, take cuttings of aloe vera. Now keep the leaf in the shade to dry. After drying the cutting place, apply the aloe vera leaf in the potting mix and keep sprinkling water. After about 1 month, when the aloe vera leaf grows up, understand that your plant has been planted.

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snake plant Snake plant is considered to be the best air purifier in the house. Because of which people like to plant snake plant in different corners of the house. In this case, to prepare many plants of snake plant, take its big leaf, then cut the leaf into 1-2 parts. After this, fill the potting mix in a medium size pot and apply the lower part of the leaf. Then sprinkle water in the pot and keep it in the shade. With this, a new snake plant will be ready in 1 month.

Jade Plant- Jade plants are very expensive in the market. But by using their leaves, you can easily make jade plant at home. In this case, cut the leaves of jade plant and keep it in the shade for 1-2 days to dry. Now place a stone on top of a wide container by making a hole in the bottom and then fill the potting mix in the container. Now apply the leaf of jade plant on it and sprinkle light water on it. Also, keep the pot in the shade. With this, a new plant will start growing in 15-30 days.

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stone block You can also grow stone plant rich in medicinal elements with the help of leaves. Small buds start appearing on the leaves of Patthar Chatta. In such a situation, by putting these buds in the pot, a new plant emerges. On the other hand, to make saplings from the leaves, dry the cuttings of stone-leaved leaves in the shade for 1-2 days. Now put the cuttings in a small pot by mixing the potting mix and then put some water in the pot. A new plant will emerge from this in 15-20 days.

rubber plant Along with being a rubber plant show piece, it is also the best air purifier. In this case, to prepare rubber plant sapling, mix potting mix in a medium size pot and then put rubber plant leaf in the pot and spray it lightly with water. Now keep the pot away from sunlight but in a bright place. With this, a new rubber plant will start growing in 15 days.

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