Grow Krishna lotus plants at home this Diwali, here are easy ways to grow them


It is very easy to grow a Krishna lotus plant with orange flowers.
It is better to grow Krishna lotus plant by bringing it from nursery instead of seeds.
Prepare the soil of the plant by adding coco peat powder or organic manure.

Tips to Grow Krishna Kamal Plant : Krishna Kamal, a beautiful plant of orange colored flowers, looks very attractive to see. This flower is considered as important as it looks beautiful. A special recognition has been given to the Krishna lotus plant in Hinduism, the lotus plant and its beautiful flowers are considered to be the most favorite flower of Lord Krishna. That is why Krishna lotus is offered in the worship of Lord Krishna. Krishna lotus is not a common plant, it is found only in big national parks and nurseries. Krishna lotus plant is rarely seen in homes, whereas it is very easy to grow Krishna lotus at home. If you want to grow Krishna lotus plant in your home, then you have to follow some easy tips. Let’s know

Simple tips for growing Krishna lotus plant in the courtyard of the house:

  • You can buy Krishna lotus plant by going to any good nursery, if experts believe, it can be a little difficult to grow Krishna lotus plant from seeds. That’s why you choose to bring a plant from the nursery to grow the plant.

  • Krishna lotus plant can be 5 to 7 inches tall in the house, instead of growing it in a plastic pot, use only a pot with a big mouth of soil and keep it in a good open place.
  • To grow Krishna lotus plant, prepare the soil by mixing soil mix, organic cow dung manure or cocopeat powder in the soil and dry it in the sun for about 1 hour, it can prepare the soil better.
  • After the soil is ready, place the plant brought from the nursery by filling the soil in the middle of the pot and bury the plant with hands till the root of the pot and also press the soil of the pot.
  • After keeping the plant in the pot, level the soil with light hands and add one to two small mugs of water.
  • Keep watering the plant regularly and use insecticide made at home.

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