Guru sets from today, Cancerians can get a new job, read what will be the effect on 12 zodiac signs


Today, on Tuesday, March 28, Guru is setting in his own zodiac sign Pisces.
From today, Jupiter will remain set for about a month. Then they will rise on 27 April.

The planet Guru, the factor of knowledge and auspicious works, is setting in its own zodiac sign, Pisces, on Tuesday, March 28. From today, Jupiter will remain set for about a month. Then they will rise on 27 April. Manglik works will be stopped due to the setting of Jupiter. Due to the setting of Jupiter, there is a possibility of getting a new job for the people of Cancer zodiac. Dr. Mrityunjay Tiwari, head of astrology department of Shri Kallaji Vedic University Do you know what will be the effect of Jupiter’s setting on all the 12 zodiac signs?

Guru Ast 2023 Horoscope
Due to the setting of Jupiter, you will have to work harder for success. You will not be happy with the results you get according to your hard work. Time will be wasted in travel. Health has to be taken care of.

Taurus: You can get mixed results of Jupiter setting. Control extravagance, otherwise your financial condition may worsen. Although your illness will be cured. There will be relief in advance.

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Gemini: Your progress can be affected due to Jupiter setting. Colleagues can work against you at workplace. Work wisely in married life. There can be difficult times at this time, patience is necessary.

Cancer: The setting of Jupiter can be auspicious and fruitful for your zodiac sign. You can get a new job. Your enemies will be defeated. Keep restraint on your behavior and speech. Anger will spoil the work.

Lion: Family life can be disturbed due to Jupiter setting. There will be tension due to debate. Love life and education can be adversely affected. You will not feel like doing religious works.

Virgo: Employed people can get a new target, which you will easily achieve. However, the mind will remain restless due to discord and debate in the family. Do yoga to avoid stress.

Libra: With the setting of Jupiter, you will dominate your enemies. Old investment will benefit. You can get a chance to make money in the stock market. Need to be careful while traveling.

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Scorpio: People of your zodiac should think carefully before making any big investment. At this time your family life can be stressful. Problems can also arise in love life. There may be a lack of trust between your partner.

Sagittarius: You will have a difficult time due to setting of Jupiter. Enemies can trouble you in the work area. During this, the reputation of the post can also be affected. There is a possibility of loss of money due to bad health.

Capricorn: Do not lend money to anyone during this time. She might be in trouble getting back. During this, there will be futile running, which will not benefit. There may be a decrease in your confidence during this time.

Aquarius: You should drive carefully for a month. Any auspicious work can be done at home. Keep restraint on your speech. Bitter talk can spoil the work. Can go on a trip with the family.

Pisces: The setting of Jupiter can adversely affect your health. Take care of your health in the changing season. Employed people can have a debate with someone at the workplace. Will have to work with patience.

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