Gyan Ganga: What did Brahmaji create to test God?

Now what did Brahma ji do to test God, come! Let’s see – God was busy eating here, was busy in fun and jokes with the people of Vraj, there Brahmaji came slowly and took all the cows and calves and took them to Brahmaloka.

Sachchidananda Rupay Vishwatpatyadihetve!

Taptarayvinashaya Srikrishnaya Vayanum:

Dear readers of Prabhasakshi! Let us dive into the Bhagwat-Katha-Gyan-Ganges and get rid of the worldly movement and make this human life successful.

friends! In the previous issue, we all read that Lord Brahma was very surprised to see Lord Krishna having food with cowherd hair. They started thinking, what is this way of eating? One should sit after washing hands and feet, should sit on the seat with purity, should neither eat leftovers nor be fed, should eat food in silence. Not a single symptom is visible here. I think it cannot be Narayan. Now Brahmaji thought that when there is so much resolution option, why not take the test.

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Come ! Now let’s move on to the next episode of the story-

Now what did Brahma ji do to test God, come! Let’s see – God was busy eating here, was busy in fun and jokes with the people of Vraj, there Brahmaji came slowly and took all the cows and calves and took them to Brahmaloka. Vrajwasi said – Oh, Lala! You will keep on eating that you will also see the calf, not a single one is seen far and wide. Kanhaiya said – well you guys eat food, I see, where have all our calves gone? Kanhaiya filled the curd rice in his mouth and ran with some in his hand. Sapani kavalo yayo. Now the Lord went out to find the cows and calves, here Brahmaji got a chance, he also picked up all the cowherds and hid them in Brahmaloka. Here Krishna scoured the entire forest and did not see a single cow or calf. The Lord thought, if it had disappeared, then only a few calves would have gone here and there, we had thousands of calves, suddenly where have all of them gone? When he came to the banks of the Yamuna, he saw that all the people of Vraj also disappeared. Now God felt that there must be something wrong, brother. When you looked carefully, everyone understood. Well, this is the enchantment of Brahma Baba. They are testing us. OK, let’s answer them too. The subject of which he is knowledgeable is influenced in that subject, then he will accept your importance and will consider you a pundit. If you are knowledgeable of grammar, then you influence him with the etymology of grammar, then he will consider you the best. Now God felt that Brahmaji was an expert in creating creation. I also show them with new Srishti. They should be influenced about the same. God created a Leela, as many Vrajavasis as Vrajavasis became Vrajavasis. As many calves as there were, God has become ready to become as many calves. And there is no difference in the outline, accordingly, according to the creation of Brahma, the new creation has become ready. God not only made the body, but God also became the clothes as he came wearing the clothes. The one who had brought a stick became like a stick. If only the body was made and the cowherds went barefoot in their homes, their parents would have interrupted, where did your clothes and sticks go? So the Lord had to become a cloth also. Sarvam Vishwamayam Jagat Today this Mahavakya is fulfilled by God.

Bhagwatkar says——

yada vatsapvatsakalpakvapu yada karanghyadikam

Yavadyashtivishanvenudalshig yavad vibhusambaram.

yavad silagunabhidha kritivayo yavad viharadikam

sarvam vishnumayam girong vadjasarva swaroopo babhau.

The same was transformed by Goswami ji-

Seey rammay sab jag jani, karoon pranam jori jug pani.

Shukdevji says – By the time Parikshit, Brahma ji also came to Vraj from Brahmaloka and was amazed to see the new creation of cows and calves. Seeing the Lord, Brahma ji jumped from his vehicle on the swan and grabbed the feet of Shri Krishna. Oh, Lord ! Out of ignorance, I went to test you. O Jagannath! Excuse me, saying this he started praising God.

Naumidya tebhrasavapushe tadidambaraya gunjavatans paripicha lasamukhya.

Vanyastaje KavalvetraVishnavenu Lakshma Shree Mridupade Pashupanjay

Ttte nukampa susmikshmano bhunjan evatmkritam vipakam.

Hridvagvapurabbhi: viddhannamaste jeeveta yo mukti pade se daybhaka

Shukdev ji says – Parikshit! One should not doubt any conduct of God. Whatever God does, everything is right. God is all capable. He could have brought back the cows and calves stolen by Brahma ji. But this does not remove the attachment of Brahma ji and he cannot see the opulence of that divine Maya of God. In fact, Brahma ji was proud to be his universal creator. God destroyed their pride with this divine leela. That is why by not bringing back those cowherd-bals and calves, God himself became the same and the same number of cowherd-bals and calves.

The rest in the next episode ———

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare Hey Nath Narayan Vasudev ———-

Invocation and Obeisance to Lord Krishna .

-RN Tiwari

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