Gyan Ganga: What questions did God ask Akrur ji, which are still relevant today?

Gopis say – Sister! We have not seen the creator. What is the use of cursing him? This Akrura has come as Yamraj for us. Neither this comes nor the question of Kanhaiya’s departure arises. Its name should be cruel, not akrur. The two eyes of the entire Vrajmandal are Krishna and Balarama.

Sachchidanand Rupay Vishwatpatyadihetve!

Tapatrayvinashaya Shri Krishna Vayannum: ॥

Respected readers of Prabhasakshi! Bhagwat-Katha is better than the nectar of heaven.

The image of Lord Shri Krishna gets imprinted in the minds of people listening to Bhagwat-Katha. This story “Punati Bhuvan Trayam” sanctifies all the three worlds. So come on! Meditate in this Kathamrit Sarovar and make your human life successful by getting rid of the cycle of birth and death.


In the previous episode, we all heard the story of meeting of Lord Akrura. At the behest of Kansa, Akrur ji had come to take Shri Krishna to Mathura. God served Akrur ji a lot. Had a beautiful meal and both started resting.

Come ! Now let’s move on to the next episode—

Now after getting solitude, God asked Akrur ji – Uncle! Is everything fine in Mathura? Akrurji does not speak anything at all. God made the question inappropriate. After thinking again said – Uncle! It is wrong to ask the question of efficiency from the Yaduvanshis. Because in the family of Yaduvansh who has been born in the form of Kansa, who can be skilled in his presence? You are right Lord! I have come only to get the treatment of this disease done. That disease can be cured only by your hands. Akrurji quietly explained the whole conspiracy of Kansa. Krishna said smilingly – Uncle! If maternal uncle has remembered me, then we will definitely go to meet him. But don’t tell this conspiracy to anyone else it will be impossible to get out of here. You only talk about visiting the fair. By explaining this, Lord came to Nandbaba. Baba, we will go to visit the Mathura fair. Nand Baba said to Akrur – Look, I will not send Kanhaiya alone. If you want to visit the fair, then I will also go with you. Ok, baba you also go. Nand Baba said – I will also visit the fair and will also make Kansa pay his tax. Baba beat up the whole Gokul who wants to see the fair of Mathura, get ready tomorrow morning, this information was spread in every street. Yashoda Maiya came to know, her tears are not stopping. Started thinking – “Kanhaiya will leave, how will I be able to live without him”.

Kanhaiya started asking – “Why are you crying, don’t worry, I will come soon.”

Maiya and Kanhaiya used to sleep on the same bed. Today was the last night for both mother and son to sleep together. The night was over. Mother started putting Kanhaiya to sleep by singing lullabies.

It’s been a long night, let me put you to sleep, let me listen to the lullaby of the wind.

Seeing you, I feel that someone is sleeping like an angel.

You are my temple, you are my worship, you are the deity ———–2

When the news reached the ears of the Gopis that tomorrow morning; The Lord is leaving for Mathura, then all the gopis lost their sleep. In whose darshan even the disturbance of falling eyelid becomes unbearable, how will those Gopis be able to live when Krishna is gone. Everyone gathered leaving the house. Friend, did you hear? Yes-yes I was coming to you to say the same. What will happen now? One quote – what the creator has written in our prayer will happen. All the Gopis together started abusing the Creator. This creator is very cruel, he can use the pen as he wants. Its nature is just like that of small children. Small children build beautiful houses in the sand of Gangaji and while playing, when their hearts are full, they kick and break them. It is fun to make them as well as to spoil them. This creator is also playing by making us a toy. He played whenever he wanted and spoiled whenever he wanted. If there was even a little mercy, why would he make such a cruel law?

Aho Vidhat: Tav na kachit daya

Conjunctive Maitreya Pranayen Dehin:

Tanshchakritarthan Viyunnakshyaparthak.

Vikritiṃ te Śrbhak Cheshtiṃ Yatha.

Gopis say – Sister! We have not seen the creator. What is the use of cursing him? This Akrura has come as Yamraj for us. Neither this comes nor the question of Kanhaiya’s departure arises. Its name should be cruel, not akrur. The two eyes of the entire Vrajmandal are Krishna and Balarama. Will take both of them out. What can be a more cruel deed than this?

One Gopi said – I will not let you go. Will catch the chariot I will lie down in front of the chariot, no matter what happens, I will stop Govind from leaving. One word, sister! By doing this, we will be defamed, what will the people of the world say? How crazy What will happen to public shame? Second quote – Sister! When the dearest of our lives is going away, then why worry about public shame, that too should go away. What will you do by handling it?

If the heart fought with the wall then of what use is the angel

If the eyes fought with Shyam, then what is the use of the world.

I have left all the shame of people, to meet my eyes.

Shyam, meeting Naina, has done amazing things, Shyam

Chhap tilak sab chhodi re tose naina milake.

If I sacrifice myself, I will sacrifice myself, I will sacrifice myself

My own colors have been colored, O Shyam, Naina Milaake

Chhap-tilak sab chhodi re tose naina milake.

Gopis said – those who want to stigmatize, keep stigmatizing me, I will not let you go while alive.

And Bruvana Virhatura Bhrisham Vrajastraya: Krishna Vishakhat Manasa.

Visrajya Lajjam Rurudu: Sm Suswaram Govind Damodar Madhaveti ॥

Shukdev ji says, Parikshit! The Gopanganas kept awake the whole night singing the various qualities of the Lord.

The rest in the next episode —-

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare O Nath Narayan Vasudev ———-

Invocation and Obeisance to Lord Krishna .

-RN Tiwari

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