Gyan Ganga: When did God tease Vanshi’s melodious tunes to please the Gopis?

The Lord smiled and asked the reason for Brutagamanakaranam to come and at the same time spoke about the feminine religion. God says — Women should not stay in the dense forest at night. You all return to Vraj. Your parents, husband, son must be searching.

Sachchidanand Rupay Vishwatpatyadihetve!

Tapatrayvinashaya Shri Krishna Vayannum: ॥

Respected readers of Prabhasakshi! Bhagwat-Katha is better than the nectar of heaven. Come ! Meditate in this Kathamrit Sarovar and make your human life successful by getting rid of the cycle of birth and death.

Friends! In the previous episode, we all heard the Govardhan Leela. Opposing the worship of Devraj Indra, God banned him and made him worship Govardhan. Protected the residents of Vraj from the wrath of Indra and provided protection to all cowherd boys. Come ! Now let’s go to the context of Rasleela—–

Ras Panchadhyayi is basically the name of the five chapters from the twenty-ninth chapter to the thirty-third chapter of the tenth canto of the Bhagavata Purana. These five chapters of the Bhagavata Purana are considered to be the soul of this Purana because in these chapters love and devotion have been established through the divine pastimes of Shri Krishna.

Shukdev ji says Parikshit! The time has come for the autumn that Lord Krishna had talked about with the Gopis at the time of Chirharan. Fragrant flowers of bella, jasmine started smelling all around. To be honest, the background of Rasleela is the context of Chirharan.

Bhagwanpita Ta Ratri: Sharadotfull Mallika.

Vikshya Rantum Manashchakre Yogamayamupashrit:

God also made a resolution to perform the Rasamayi Raas Krida by making the Gopis instruments with his Yogmaya. Gopis were present in the form of reflection. Like Ravana also abducted the reflection form of Sita and not the real Sita.

Nishamya Geetam Tadanangvardhanam

Vrajastrayaḥ Kṛṣṇa gṛhitā manasaḥ.


Sat Yatra Kanto Jav Lol Kundla: ।

On the full moon night, the unbroken lunar circle was pouring moonlight in the form of nectar. To woo the Gopis, the Lord sang the melodious tunes of Vanshi. On hearing the sweet sound of the flute, the gopis left everything and went to Krishna. Mother, father, husband, son, all the people of the house stopped her a lot, put a lot of obstacles in her love journey but she did not stop. How to stop Vishwamohan was fascinated.

Hearing the melodious voice of God’s Vanshi, Krishna devotee Surdas ji also could not stop himself and started singing——

Hari ji Murli played melodious—

Mohe Sur Nar Nag Nirantar, Vrajavanita Akulai

Yamuna’s water flow was amazed, the wind kept withering

Mr. Hari —————————-

Khag, Mrig, Pisces all forgot their speed

Drum Belly Anurag Pulak Tanu Shashi Thaki Nishi Na Ghatai

Mr. Hari —————————-

Sur Shyam Vrindavan Viharat Chalhu Sakhi Sudhi Pai

Mr. Hari —————————–

Kaam krodham bhayam snehamaikyam sauhrdamev cha

Nityam harau viddhato yanti tanmayata hi toh.

Shukdev ji says – Parikshit! Our relationship should be with God, whether it is of lust, of anger, or of fear. Just connect our attitudes with God. Shri Krishna saw that the unique beauties of Vraj had come to him, so he welcomed them. Kushal Mangal asked.

Swagatam that Mahabhaga; Priyam Kim Karvani and:

Vrajasya Namayam Kachchit Brutagamanakaranam ॥

The Lord smiled and asked the reason for Brutagamanakaranam to come and at the same time spoke about the feminine religion. God says — Women should not stay in the dense forest at night. You all return to Vraj. Your parents, husband, son must be searching. You people are noble women. Go serve your husband. The service of husband and mother-in-law and father-in-law is the ultimate religion of women. The husband may be evil natured, unlucky, old, sick or poor.

In the Aranya Kand of Ramayana, Anusuyaji has given a very beautiful advice on women’s religion to Sitaji.

Amit Dan Bharta Baidehi Adham So Nari Jo Sev Na Tehi

Aged, diseased, inert, lacking wealth, blind, deaf, angry, extremely poor.

Husband insulted the woman like this, Jampur Dukh Nana.

Whatever the husband may be, he has been given the status of God in the scriptures.

Bhartu: Shushrunam streenam paro dharmao hy maaya.

Tadbandhunam Ch Kalanya Prajanam Chanuposhanam ॥

In the play Abhigyan Shakuntalam, the great poet Kalidas ji tells Rishi Kanva at the time of Shakuntala’s farewell.




Yantyevam Grihinipadam Yuvataya: Vama: Kulsyadhaya: ॥

Maharishi Kanva is teaching his foster daughter, that you should behave so well towards all the members of your in-laws’ house so that you can get the fortune of being a good housewife. For this, you should serve your elders, treat other queens of the king like friends. Don’t be jealous. If ever you feel insulted by something, don’t get angry and don’t be angry with your husband because of anger. In such a situation, act with great patience and keep anger calm. Be kind to all the servants in the palace. Don’t be proud of being Pattmahishi. The behavior of an arrogant person is not good towards others and he also forgets his dignity. The girls who behave in this way are known as good housewives in the husband’s house, but those who behave in the opposite way become a curse for their family. God has given a very beautiful sermon of women’s religion to those gopis. This message of Bhagavata Mahapurana and this sermon of Maharishi Kanva is not only for Gopis and Shakuntala but for all women caste. In today’s changing environment, every Indian woman should take a lesson from this.

The rest in the next episode —-

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare O Nath Narayan Vasudev ———-

Invocation and Obeisance to Lord Krishna .

-RN Tiwari

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