Happy Rose Day2023: Why give rose on the first day of Valentine’s week, why not Rajnigandha, Bela or Lily? know the reason

Happy Rose Day 2023: Today, Valentines Week has started all over the world with Rose Day. Lovebirds are expressing their love by giving roses and expressing their passion and affection towards them. However, many people have some questions regarding this way of expressing love. For example, those who like flowers other than roses, can’t we give them their favorite flower on this day? So let us tell you that actually, the tradition of giving flowers to show love is very old. Every flower has been a symbol of different feelings and rose itself has been considered a symbol of love and beauty.

Why roses on Valentine’s Day?
In fact, in Roman mythology, the rose was considered a symbol of mystery and passion. In Rome it was considered a symbol of Venus (goddess of love and beauty) due to its variety of colors, attractive fragrance and variety like rose. Because of these qualities, later it came to be considered a symbol of love in Asia, Arabia and Eastern civilization. It is also believed that during the time of Victoria, people started showing their love and affection by gifting roses. Since then, the tradition of giving roses on the occasion of Rose Day started on every 7th February. In this way, giving roses on Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of expression of people’s love even today.

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rose color meaning
red rose, Symbol of love emotion.
yellow Rose, Symbol of friendship.
white rose, A symbol of new beginnings and peace.
pink rose, Symbol of saying thank you with love.

These flowers are also symbols of love
,red tulips True love, while purple is a symbol of royalty.
,carnation The light red color of carnation compliments it, while the dark color carnation flower reflects a deep feeling of love and affection.
-OOrchid Denotes secret love. It is also a symbol of beauty and power.

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