Have to go from Delhi to Patna, take one of these trains to reach soon


Magadh Express reaches Danapur in Patna from Delhi in 15 hours.
Brahmaputra Mail takes 14 hours to cover this distance.
Travel time of Sikkim Mahananda Express is 16 hours 29 minutes.

New Delhi. Trains going from the country’s capital Delhi to Bihar often run full. In the festive season, getting a confirmed seat in the trains running on this route becomes difficult. Many trains run from New Delhi to Patna Junction and Danapur railway station located in Patna district. Some trains run daily while some are available only for a few days of the week.

20802 Magadh Express is a great option to travel from New Delhi to Patna. This daily running train will take you from Delhi to Patna’s Danapur station in 15 hours. This train leaves from New Delhi station at 21:05 and reaches Danapur at 12:06. The fare of Magadh Express from Delhi to Patna is Rs 490 for sleeper, Rs 1305 for AC 3-tier, Rs 1870 for AC 2-tier and Rs 3185 for AC first class.

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Guwahati North East Sampark Kranti Express
22450 Guwahati Purvo Uttar Sampark Kranti Express also travels the distance from New Delhi to Patna in 14h 5m. This train leaves New Delhi Railway Station at 23:45 and reaches Patna Junction at 13:50. This train runs only two days a week. The fare of Guwahati Purvo Uttar Sampark Kranti Express (22450 Guwahati North East Sampark Kranti Express) from Delhi to Patna is Rs.755 for Sleeper, Rs.1970 for AC 3-Tier, Rs.2880 for AC 2-Tier and Rs.4945 for AC First Class.

Brahmaputra Mail
You can also board 15657 BRAHMPUTRA MAIL to go from Delhi to Patna. Departing from Delhi Junction at 23:40, this train reaches Patna Junction at 14:20. In this way, this train takes 14 hours and 40 minutes to reach Patna from New Delhi. The sleeper fare of BRAHMPUTRA MAIL from Delhi to Patna is Rs 460, AC 3-Tier Rs 1260 and AC 2-Tier Rs 1820.

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Poorva Express
12304 Poorva Express runs on of four days a week. This train takes only 12 hours 43 minutes to reach from New Delhi Railway Station to Danapur Railway Station of Patna. POORVA EXPRESS departs from New Delhi at 17:40 and reaches Danapur railway station in Patna district at 06:23. This train runs only four days a week. The fare for sleeper from Delhi to Danapur is Rs 510, AC 3-tier Rs 1340, AC 2-tier Rs 1900 and AC first class Rs 3205.

Kamakhya Express
Kamakhya Express runs from Delhi Junction to Patna Junction. The service of this train is available only on Wednesdays of the week. Kamakhya Express covers the distance from Delhi to Patna in 21 hours 55 minutes. It departs from Delhi at 04:55 and reaches Patna at 02:50 the next day.

Sikkim Mahananda Express
15484 Sikkim Mahananda Express travels from New Delhi Junction to Danapur station of Patna. This superfast train takes 16 hours 29 minutes to reach Patna from New Delhi. The train leaves Delhi at 07:35 and reaches Danapur at 00:04 the next day.

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