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Have you eaten sweets worth 16 thousand rupees? Made from 24 carat gold

Gold Mithai: There is no season for sweets. Its demand is in every season, on every happy occasion. There is no dearth of sweets lovers in the world. People eat expensive sweets to fulfill their hobbies. Today we are going to talk with you about such a sweet whose price will surprise you. Hearing the price, your first question would be whether it is made of gold and silver? So yes, it is exactly like that, this sweet is made of gold and silver only. The price of sweets is not one or two or four thousand but the whole is 16 thousand. Yes, this sweet is available for 16 thousand rupees per kg.

Where do you get 24 carat gold sweets?

This sweet, which is available for 16 thousand rupees, is a unique gift in itself. Now you must be thinking that where is this sweet found and how much gold is used on it, then let us tell you that this sweet is available at Shagun Sweets in Maujpur, capital Delhi. The name of this sweet is Gold Plated. 24 Carat Gold Bark is used on top of the sweets, along with it, more expensive dry fruits including saffron, cashew, pistachios, almonds are used.

800 rupees will have to be spent for 1 piece of sweets

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The higher the price of this sweet, the more effort is required in preparing it, because two layers of 24 carat gold are applied over it, that too completely real gold. It takes 2 days to prepare it. A layer of dry fruits is applied on the first day and a special layer of gold is applied on the second day. There are about 20 pieces in 1 kg of this sweet, so you will have to spend ₹ 16000 to buy 1 kg of sweets, and you will have to pay ₹ 8000 to buy half a kg of sweets. The price of one piece of this sweet, which is available for 16 thousand rupees per kg, is around ₹ 800.

The owner of the sweets says that he made this sweet for the first time on someone’s demand. He says that when such a demand came, he was surprised. For a moment he thought whether such a sweet could be made? But they tried and within the time limit of 1 month the dessert was prepared.

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