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Have you told these things to your children about the first aid box? If not, tell me today


Teach children to use the first aid box in case of burns.
Teach children how to treat cuts by telling them about the first aid box.

Parenting Tips: Children usually require special care. However, despite taking special care of the children, the parents are not always able to stay with the children. At the same time, due to their playful nature, children often get minor injuries. In such a situation, it becomes very important to make children familiar with the first aid box. Therefore, for the safety of children, do not forget to explain to them some important things related to the first aid box.

In fact, some parents often try to keep their children away from the first aid box by mistaking them. However, it is necessary to give first aid training to children in childhood itself. This not only enables children to take help of the First Aid Box in case of injury in your absence but can also help others in case of any medical emergency. So let’s know about some important things to tell children about the first aid box.

Explain the importance of first aid box

Most children consider the first aid box to be just a box of medicines. Therefore, explain to the children in detail about the First Aid Box and tell them that with the help of First Aid Box, they can not only provide relief from pain to others in medical emergency but can also save their life.

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Teach how to use a first aid box

Make children aware of thermometers, bandages, antiseptic cream, cotton, scissors and medicines kept in the first aid box. Also, teach children to use these things properly. So that children will be able to use the first aid box properly when needed.

teach to heal wounds

Teach children how to treat bleeding, bruises and cuts by telling them about the first aid box. Tell the children that to treat someone’s accidental injury, first of all calm the injured person by drinking water. Then wash the wound with cleansing lotion and apply antibiotic cream with the help of cotton and advise children to contact the doctor as soon as possible if the wound is severe.

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Give relief on burns like this

To use the first aid box in case of burns, tell the children to apply ice on the burnt skin to get relief from the burn. Then apply cold cream or lotion and tie a wet towel. This reduces the burning sensation. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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