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Healthy Food: Not Jalebi, delicious healthy breakfast is available at ‘Jalebi Bhaiya’s shop’, know the specialty and location

Report – Ashutosh Tiwari

Reva. People like Jalebi Bhaiya’s gram and peanuts so much that people are excited to taste it. People from far off places are drawn to this shop to enjoy this taste. A beautiful shop named Jalebi Bhaiya is situated near Intaura Bypass in Sirmaur Road. This shop has preserved the glimpse of both rural and urban surroundings. People from the villages and cities adjacent to the bypass start gathering in this shop in the morning and evening and enjoy the taste of gram and peanuts available in the shop.

There are some people who are fond of the taste of this shop, who travel long distances from far off places and come to this shop. This shop is running in the city since 1980. The shop was started by Jalebi Lal Yadav. Apart from gram, groundnut, tea, coffee, paan is also available in this shop. People visiting the shop say that this is one of the best places in Rewa, where such wonderful things are found together.

Some enthusiasts also call this shop better for health. There is no stomach problem after eating this, but digestion also gets cured. Some of the customers seen here said that the taste of gram is so good that children to old people can eat it. This Chana Chaat is made by mixing Cucumber, Tomato, Peanuts with Chana. People tell that the test which was available here 10 years ago, is still intact today.

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