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Heavy traffic jam on Diwali in Delhi! Liquor worth more than Rs 1 crore sold in 3 days


On October 22, 13.5 lakh bottles were sold and on October 23, more than 15 lakh bottles were sold.
About 20 lakh bottles were sold in Delhi on October 24, a day before Delhi.
According to an official, an average of 12.50 lakh liquor bottles are sold daily in Delhi.

New Delhi. This time Diwali was celebrated with pomp in the country. Due to the lesser effect of Kovid-19, there was a lot of enthusiasm in the markets and people shopped fiercely. Meanwhile, Delhi has done a different kind of feat. In fact, about 48 lakh liquor bottles were sold in the weekend before Diwali. It is worth noting that there was no sale of liquor in Delhi on 24 October i.e. Diwali.

According to an excise department official, liquor worth more than Rs 1 crore was sold in Delhi between Friday and Sunday before Diwali. A day before Diwali, liquor worth Rs 42 lakh was sold. According to reports, liquor worth Rs 30 lakh on Friday, Rs 32 lakh on Saturday and Rs 42 lakh on Sunday was sold in Delhi.

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how many bottles were sold
There are about 460 liquor shops in Delhi. 13.5 lakh bottles were sold from these shops on Friday 22 October, more than 15 lakh bottles on 23 October and maximum 20 lakh bottles on 24 October i.e. Sunday. On an average, about 12.50 lakh bottles of liquor are sold in Delhi every day.

Liquor trade in Delhi suffered a setback
Earlier, the liquor trade in Delhi was badly hit due to the Arvind Kejriwal government’s excise policy in Delhi and the ongoing investigation into an alleged “scam” in its implementation. Significantly, the government has withdrawn the new excise policy. This decision of the government came after the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi recommended the implementation of this policy to the CBI. In this case, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi has also been questioned for hours.

What was Delhi’s new excise policy?
It was decided to close government shops in Delhi. Apart from this, the rule of not opening snacks or food shops outside liquor shops was brought. Its purpose was to stop drinking alcohol in the open. Apart from this, it was decided to reduce the number of liquor shops in Delhi. By dividing Delhi into 32 zones, only 850 liquor shops were given licenses. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had said that the Delhi government was to get an annual revenue of about Rs 9.5 thousand crore from the new excise policy.

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