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Hemgenix is ​​the world’s most expensive medicine, will cost 28 crores for one dose, will save life from this deadly disease


This drug is the first gene therapy for hemophilia B.
Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder. It is a genetic disease.
Hemgenix costs $3.5 million per dose in the US.

New Delhi. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has approved a drug named Hemgenix. Hemgenix is ​​the most expensive drug in the world, which costs $3.5 million per dose, that is, according to the Indian rupee, it will cost around Rs 28 crore. CSL Behring, the company making this drug, says that this tremendous drug will come to reduce health care costs.

According to the report of Global News, this is the first gene therapy for hemophilia B in the country. This medicine is used for one time treatment of blood clotting. Now this most expensive drug has been kept for sale in the market by the agency. According to Reuters, the company said, “We hope that this price point will reduce the cost necessary for the entire health care system.”

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What is hemophilia disease?
Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder. It is a genetic disease and is found in very few people. Due to this disease, the process of blood clotting slows down in the body and due to this the blood flowing from the body does not stop quickly. In such situations, if the person is not treated on time, he can also die. For this, the patient needs to take many more expensive IV drips of Factor IX. It is a protein, through which blood clots get frozen.

This disease is seen more in men than in women. One in every 5,000 males born in India is affected by hemophilia. That is, every year about 1300 children are born with hemophilia in our country.

Hemophilia B This disorder is a very serious disease. It affects approximately one in 40,000 people. Hemgenix works by giving a gene for a clotting protein in the liver, after which the patient can produce it on his own.



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