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Hepatitis E Prevention: What is Hepatitis E? Know the associated dangers, transmission modes and protection

Hepatitis Prevention, Casus of Hepatitis: Due to the changing lifestyle, diseases like blood pressure, sugar, obesity are becoming common among people. Every part of the body is being harmed due to contaminated food and drink. These days there is another disease which is spreading rapidly, that is Hepatitis E, which is a major problem related to liver. Hepatitis E increases inflammation in the liver, which is caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV).

According to the WHO, in 2015, there were about 44,000 deaths due to hepatitis E. Now you must have understood its seriousness. So let us tell you about the dangers, transmission mode and prevention associated with Hepatitis E.

How is hepatitis E virus spread?
There can be many reasons for the spread of hepatitis E virus. However, the virus spreads rapidly through the oral and fecal route. The virus is released from the fecal tract and enters the intestine of a healthy person. Due to which another person also becomes vulnerable to Hepatitis E. Apart from this, drinking contaminated water is also the biggest cause of hepatitis E.

Symptoms of Hepatitis E
The symptoms of hepatitis E are easy to catch. However, many times this is not possible due to neglect of health. So what are the symptoms of Hepatitis E, let us tell you-
– fever
– fatigue
– joint pen
– loss of appetite
Abdominal pain, itching, skin rash
– panic button
– Vomiting that lasts for a few days
– Jaundice
– clay colored stools

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Who is most at risk from Hepatitis E?
People living in developing countries are most at risk of hepatitis E. Symptoms of this disease are seen in people between the ages of 15 to 44 in these countries. Immunosuppressed people are also prone to hepatitis E infection. Especially those who have had organ transplants. Apart from this, pregnant women are also at risk of infection with this virus.

How to prevent Hepatitis E
Cleanliness is the best and easiest way to prevent Hepatitis E. Take special care of cleanliness around you. Avoid using dirty water and wash your hands from time to time. This can prevent this virus from spreading. If there is no option available then use boiled water.
Apart from this, one should avoid eating raw meat of pork and venison, as they can be contaminated.

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