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Here is the last road of India, from where Sri Lanka is visible. Best place to visit

India’s last sad facts: South India is famous all over the world for its beautiful location. There are many tourist places here, to see which people come not only from the country but also from abroad. Along with this, there are some places here which are also considered quite different. One of these wonderful locations is the last road of India (Bharat Ki Akhiri Sadak), which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka can be easily seen from this road. Due to an offbeat destination, this tourist place is very much liked.

name of last road of india

Dhanushkodi is situated in the south-east of Tamil Nadu. This place is situated on the banks of Rameswaram Island and is also known as the land border of India-Sri Lanka. Its area is only 50 yards and the base is a pile of sand. But its beauty fascinates everyone’s mind. For a long time this place was deserted and deserted, but for some time tourists have started coming here.

These mysterious things are related to Dhanushkodi

Most of this Dhanushkodi, one of the best tourist locations, is still deserted. Earlier there was a place like house, hospital, hotel and post office, but due to a cyclone everything was ruined. In which more than 1500 people had lost their lives. And since then most parts of this place have been deserted.

Relationship with Lord Ram

Dhanushkodi is only 15 kilometers from Rameswaram and is associated with Lord Rama. In the Ramayana period, Lord Rama ordered Hanuman ji to build Ram Setu from this place. It is believed that after freeing Mother Sita from Lanka, Lord Rama broke the Ram Setu with his bow, hence the name of this place became Dhanushkodi.

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