High uric acid can damage the kidney, make distance from these foods and drinks today itself

How To Control High Uric Acid: If there is pain in your joints and you are a victim of arthritis, then be careful. The reason behind this can also be the increasing amount of uric acid in your body. If the amount of uric acid is high in the body, it can cause kidney damage. It is very important to control it. Some natural foods contain purines, whose digestion produces uric acid. If this uric acid made of purine does not come out of the body after being filtered by the kidney, then it takes the form of arthritis. If you also have the problem of arthritis and joint pain, then be careful. We are going to tell you some such things, the consumption of which can increase your problem even more.

bad to drink beer
Everyday Health According to if you have a problem of high uric acid, then say no to beer from today itself. The brewer’s yeast component found in beer reacts harmfully with uric acid, which can increase your problem. That’s why quitting beer is the only beneficial option.

Some vegetables are also harmful
In the problem of uric acid, one should avoid eating vegetables like asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, peas and mushrooms. Actually, due to the high amount of purine in these vegetables, it can harm you. In such a situation, those vegetables should be consumed, in which the amount of purine is less.

fructose harmful
Avoid high fructose intake if you have joint pain. This can be harmful for you. Fructose is a substance that gives sweetness to fruits, so if you eat apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, prunes and dates in a controlled quantity then it is okay, otherwise it can harm you.

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Make distance from non-veg
Apart from these, soft drinks (which contain artificial fructose), beef, mutton and fish also increase the amount of uric acid. You can control high uric acid by keeping distance from non-veg.

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