Hindi Diwas 2022: Explain the importance of your mother tongue to children on Hindi Diwas


They should say the right words for everyday conversation.
Children must be told the history of India and Hindi.

Hindi Diwas 2022 : In today’s era, due to the increasing trend of English, the trend of other languages ​​is decreasing. Hindi speaking people are also forgetting the importance of Hindi, hence the importance of Hindi Diwas has increased. Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14 September. It is necessary to keep children close to their mother tongue and for this it is necessary that children should be told the importance of their mother tongue. With the increasing interference of English in the lives of all of us, it has become even more difficult for Hindi to reach the children. It is important to tell children what they can do through their mother tongue. Language helps children to connect with the society, understand the culture and know the history of their country. Children are forgetting to count in Hindi language which is unfortunate. Today it may have become a fashion to move closer to English and away from Hindi, but it is not right. Let us know on this Hindi day how to explain to children the importance of mother tongue.

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Explain these important things to children

Tell children the importance Any person appreciates anything only when he knows the need of that thing. That is why it is most important that children should be told the importance of mother tongue. Earlier children were told and taught all this in school but now the time has changed and due to this the challenges have also increased. That is why it is necessary to tell the importance of mother tongue to the children.

Incorporate mother tongue in everyday conversation: Children learn very quickly what they see and hear around them. Therefore, include the mother tongue in everyday conversation. In this way they will gradually come closer to their mother tongue. Recite lullabies, poems, stories and idioms in your mother tongue. This will increase their respect for them along with understanding the language and they will learn the importance of language.

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Explain the rich history of Hindi language: The history of Hindi language is very rich. The writings of Hindi language writers are read and understood all over the world. Hindi language and the people working in it are seen with respect all over the world, tell such things to the children.

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