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Horoscope for November 06, 2022: Control Cancer’s anger, Leo and Virgo will remain happy

You can bond with someone in an emotional relationship today. Today will be a little more emotional in that regard. The mind will be happy with joy and fun. Meeting with friends will double the joy. Your health may deteriorate after noon. Take care while driving. Control your anger. Take care that the voice does not become furious. Today is not a good day to start new work.

Today you can start efforts to increase the business. There will be profit from the work of partnership in business. There is a strong possibility of earning money. There is a possibility of increase in income from interest, brokerage etc. Having income will remove financial troubles. The mind will be happy with good clothes and good food and drink. There is a sum of short stay or tourism.

The purchase of clothes and jewelery will be exciting and enjoyable for you. Your interest in art will increase. Due to becoming a difficult task in business, there will be happiness in your mind. Time will also be favorable for employed people. There will be victory over opponents.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 06, 2022, 05:10 IST



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