Horoscope Today 4 December 2022: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius should not do this work, 12 zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 4 December 2022, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope: According to Panchang, today will be Dwadashi Tithi. Today there will be Ashwini Nakshatra. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Varian Yoga, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga will be supported by planets.

If you have Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces zodiac sign then you will get Hans Yoga and Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn zodiac sign, then today you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga, whereas there will be eclipse defect of Moon-Rahu. Moon will be in Aries. Today’s auspicious time is two. From 10:15 am to 12:15 pm there will be Choghadiya of Labh-Amrit and from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm there will be Choghadiya of Shubh. There, Rahukal will remain from 04:40 to 06:00 in the afternoon. Let’s know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

Aries- The day will be favorable for the players, they will get what they want in the field. Yoga-Pranayama will improve health. Keep distance from people with bad habits and negative tendencies. It can have side effects on your health. From this, the day will be better for you in business. Your old hard work in business will give you success. If you do any kind of work between 10:15 am to 12:15 am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Time will be favorable for you. If you look around you at the workplace, some good work will be seen happening. There can be a discussion on a matter related to real estate. Married people will enjoy love and romance in their married life on Sunday and will be able to advance the career of the life partner. Will have some conversation in the direction of.

Taurus You may have to make some changes in the planning made by you in business. There will be excess of expenses. Will remain worried. Implement your planning immediately, achievements can go out of hand due to overthinking. In married life, due to the formation of eclipse defect, your life partner will hurt you with bitter words and there will be estranged conversation with in-laws.Sunday Students will waste their valuable time by being busy in hanging out with their friends.Your health will not feel better and you will not get rid of some old problems.Election opinion coming on TV channel can increase your troubles.

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Gemini- You will be full of energy at the workplace, but expenses will also increase, which will trouble you. You will be happy after getting good results in work and hearing praise from the boss. Minor differences in the family due to lack of coordination in business life. May remain, which will become normal after noon. Business will do well. Due to the formation of Sarvarthasiddhi, Sunfa and Vasi Yoga, income will increase. There will be discussions on special issues due to close relationships and get-to-gather with friends. Emotional relations will be strong. Family honor will increase. Will spend more and more time with family. There will be love in married life. Players will move forward in their field with new energy. Increasing gas in the stomach may be a cause of trouble for you. Can

Crab- Additional efforts will be required in business related works. Vasi and Sunfa Yoga will support you, which will increase interaction with people in the market, which will be beneficial for you. Minor problems related to the staff will be solved. You will move forward with your new ideas on the workplace, which will give you good benefits. Married people can face the displeasure of their spouse in married life. Students will get the support of teachers. The movement of the stars will force you to pay attention to your health. There can be problems due to unnecessary food and wrong eating. On Sunday, it will be necessary to pay more attention to your health than your taste.

Leo sun sign- Anything said in married life can make the life partner angry. Due to the combination of auspicious planets, try to increase your dedication to them completely by making one or two goals for yourself in business, progress will be seen gradually. Expectation There can be a change in life according to you. You should not be afraid of any kind of hard work. Due to the change in work, you can get a proposal to transfer to a new city or work in a new place. Students can openly discuss their future with their teacher Will discuss. Health will be normal. Increase efforts to keep partner happy. You may feel tired in the morning. Good news can come for people associated with politics.

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Virgo- Deterioration in your health can become a matter of concern for you due to the formation of eclipse defects. Expenses in business will be very high, due to which you may have to face some problems. You may have to use credit cards as well. People will be interested in work but you will not get any new work. Economic hesitation will continue at this time. Don’t let the feeling of ego come inside you. Due to this, there can be sourness in the relationship. Pay more attention to your career by not wasting your time in fun. The day will be weak for the students.

Libra- In business, make one or two goals for yourself and try to increase your dedication to them completely, progress will be seen gradually. There can be changes in life as expected, due to which your enthusiasm and motivation will increase. Do not be afraid of any kind of hard work. Due to changes in work, you can get a proposal to transfer to a new city or work in a new place. You will be successful in trying to keep your partner happy on Sunday. Spouse will get a new dish. Can cook in food. Players will feel some problems due to tiredness in the morning. Health will be good. Do not wear black clothes on Sunday, nor pluck basil leaves on this day. Sleep till late in the morning on Sunday and in the afternoon. Gold is also not auspicious according to the scriptures.

Scorpio Planets indicate that you will be lucky, the day is good for work at workspace. Will be able to give time to family and love will increase with family members. But householders will feel some problems in life and can talk to a friend for this. It will be necessary to control your anger. Your thinking will also be positive and balanced as your trend in marketing in business will increase. Time is not right to start a new job. Public relations can generate new sources of business for you. Students have to be careful. Health may decline.

Sagittarius Will be excited to get any new work on the job in connection with the work. A sudden meeting with a close person during the journey will give you happiness. Will try to know his views on a particular issue. Do not let business stress dominate the happiness and peace of the family. Due to the formation of Sarvarthasiddhi, Sunfa and Vasi Yoga, the government You can get the auspicious news of getting the tender in advance. The married people’s home life will also be happy and after talking to the life partner, they will try to know their mind. There will be worship and religious atmosphere in the house on Sunday. You will feel stress-free after getting a solution to your career-related problem. Your health will also be good.

Capricorn- Due to the combination of inauspicious planets, the chances of profit in business are weak. Your fortune will not be strong. Some things related to the account in partnership business can spoil your relationship with the partner. Due to the formation of eclipse defect, employed people will be engaged in good work but you will not be praised. Before making any planning, consider it seriously, otherwise Some mistakes can happen. Negative attitude, wrong advice from people can distract you from your goal. You will feel lack of romance in married life and will not be able to plan for outing with your life partner. Students will be happy in their field. Will not be felt. The health of people associated with politics can go awry.

Aquarius- Do not run your own will in matters related to business. What will be the result of your every decision, it needs to be properly tested. Afternoon day will be favorable. Money will come in, which will be the reason for your happiness. Try to make efforts to resolve. When things are related to money and behavior, it will be better to stay away from controversies. The formation of Sunfa, Sarvarthasiddhi and Vasi Yogas are good chances of getting success in work. Pay attention to work. You will get good results from married life and your health will also be good. Students will enjoy the whole day and will be busy in their field for a long time.

Pisces- Will prepare to go on a religious trip. Married people will feel some newness about married life and discuss future plans with their life partner. Students will enjoy with their friends at a picnic spot. Those doing jewelry business will feel some relief. Your health will be good due to the movement of planets in your favor. Your luck will also be high, due to which there will be chances of less hard work and more profit. With a lot of hard work and ability in the workplace, you will achieve your goal. Will do it. But a lot of hard work may have to be done to prove your work ability. You will get some important responsibility by the company, which will be beneficial for you. You will feel relief to some extent from the old pain in the matter of health.

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