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How can obesity affect your sex life?

If you want to have better sex with your partner then it is very important for you to be confident. Especially confidence in your body. If you feel better and confident about your body, you will be able to have better sex. When you feel confident and sexy, your courtship session feels more passionate. If you feel insecure, you may not enjoy it very well.

For both men and women, having excess body fat is harmful. It can also cause them to struggle with low sex drive. Several studies have shed light on how being overweight and obese affects your sex life. From erectile dysfunction to low libido, obesity can affect your sex experience. However, this may not happen to everyone. If you’re not having any problems, that’s fine. But if you are facing problems then it is recommended to consult your doctor to know more about it. Your weight can have 5 effects on your sex life…

It can reduce sex drive

Both men and women who are overweight have less desire to be intimate. Obesity lowers the level of testosterone, which is important for sexual function. Higher levels of body fat mean the person will have higher levels of a chemical called sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG. This hormone has an effect on the sex hormone testosterone and reduces the desire to be intimate in both men and women. That is, it affects the sex drive.

Obesity can reduce pleasure


High levels of cholesterol and insulin resistance can cause blockage of vessels in women’s clitoris. This, in turn, can reduce blood flow to the vagina. Reduced blood flow to the sensitive area of ​​the vagina means less pleasure and harder to orgasm during an intimacy session. Obesity can significantly reduce the pleasure of sex.

It can be difficult to get an erection


Mostly overweight men suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction, which is a difficult problem. It is difficult for such people to maintain an erection for a long time. This is mainly due to insulin resistance with high cholesterol levels and obesity. Both of these conditions cause the arteries in the penis to become clogged, making it difficult to get an erection. 4 best sex positions for instant sex

It can limit your sex positions

sex position

Maybe you like to have sex in a variety of positions. But due to increased obesity, you will not be able to have sex in many positions or you will have some difficulty in having sex in those positions which you probably used to do before. Your body weight can directly affect this and limit your choices. People who are physically fit are more able to experiment with their positions to enjoy sex. When you are not flexible enough there is always the risk of getting hurt in the bedroom.

It may seem like a task


Intimate sex helps you feel connected with your partner and gives you a satisfying experience. But if you or your partner is not feeling well due to obesity, then you will not be able to enjoy that moment. Your focus will be entirely on making the other person happy. This will make the intimate session more of a task than an opportunity to connect with your partner.

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