How important it is to apply aftershave after shave, what science says, this is the truth related to men’s skin

Five Myths About Skin Care for Men: Today’s men have definitely become a little sensitive about their skin, but still they do not have a proper understanding of it. For this reason, there are many misconceptions among men about their skin. These beliefs make men’s skin even worse. Often they are confused about whether or not to use cream to bring glowing skin or whether to use aftershave after shaving or not. Due to this confusion, your skin starts withering before time. That’s why men also need as much skin care as women. Along with this, it should also be understood that what is right for their skin.

Most men apply aftershave lotion after shaving. Most aftershaves contain alcohol, which can help kill germs around the cut, but alcohol dries out the skin, causing irritation. That’s why science says that light moisturizer should be used.

benefits of aftershave
According to the news of Healthline, aftershave is used on the face after shave. It is said that it cures the skin. But the benefit of aftershave depends on what is present in it. The aftershave that is traditionally used contains alcohol. Alcohol works in the same way as a sanitizer. When you shave, there are so many small cuts on the skin that you cannot even see. This opens the pores of the skin and increases the risk of bacteria and other micro-organisms entering it. Actually, most aftershaves contain isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. This alcohol kills the bacteria that have entered the skin, but apart from this, there is no other benefit from it.

benefits of aftershave

If there is an artificial fragrance in the aftershave i.e. scented liquid, then the damage is more. This can cause allergies and irritation. This is the reason that nowadays plant based aftershaves are coming in the market instead of alcohol based aftershaves. It also includes aftershave made from aloe vera, vitamin E, eucalyptus etc. Science says that there is no need for aftershave after shaving. Aftershave can increase the pores. So if you want to moisturize your skin after a shave or avoid clogging your pores or other irritation, wash your face and use a natural oil like coconut or jojoba.

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