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How is the coat different from the blazer? Learn

With the changing times, the fashion sense of the people has also changed. Today both men and women are wearing the same type of clothes. Be it t-shirt, shoe or coat. All of you must have seen people wearing courts and blazers in business meetings and big parties. But, do you know what is the difference between court and blazer? Probably very few people who would know the difference between these two. Let us know what is the difference between them.

To understand the difference between the two, first of all know what is Court and Blazer

Coat< /p>

Court is a men’s jacket worn over a suit. Here suit means paint. Courts usually have many designs such as trenchcoats, double faced overcoats and padded quilted coats. People use coats for various purposes.


Blazer is also very similar in appearance to a coat but , it is not part of a suit. It has to be bought separately and you can pour it over both formal and informal paints. A blazer is different from a court as it has a more casual cut. Blazers have navy style buttons and are made from solid colored fabrics.

Blazers are generally of two types. One is single-breasted with 2 buttons whereas, the other with 6 buttons is called double breasted.

What do the two have in common

-Blazer and court both are designed for men
-Blazer and court look similar in appearance

What is the difference

< p>-Coats are worn over suits, whereas blazers can be worn over jeans.
-Courts are more formal than blazers and are worn for business meetings and official work. Whereas, people like to wear blazers in parties or other small gatherings.
-Coats are mostly dark in color whereas, blazers are of both dark and light colors
-talk about the design So casual cuts are seen in blazers while unstructured cuts are seen in court.
-Blazers are mainly of two types single breasted which comes with 2 buttons whereas, double breasted has 6 buttons . Same, courts are of different types which include trenchcoat, double face overcoat etc.
– In terms of stitching, blazer is stitched without canvas with natural shoulders whereas, court is stitched with suit shoulder Goes
-Blazer provides more warmth to the body than coat. Blazers are mostly worn by people in winters, while coats are worn in meetings even in summers.

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