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How long is it necessary to starve before the blood test, know what should be the diet after the test


It is advised not to eat for accurate report.
Be sure to ask the doctor whether you should eat or not before the test.
Avoid eating heavy after the test.

What To Eat After The Test- Before getting the blood test done, many instructions are given to the patient like- no food before the test or fasting for 12 hours is necessary etc. Many times people’s health also deteriorates during the test. Especially for those patients who cannot remain hungry for long. Usually fasting is advised before the blood test so that the patient’s report comes accurately. Eating or drinking something in the morning can increase the amount of vitamins, minerals, fat and protein in the blood, which can affect the result. But there are many tests before which there is no need to fast, so it is very important to have information before the test.

Now the question arises that for how long after the blood test should we eat and what should we eat so that we do not feel weak. Let us know what can be included in the diet after which test.

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how to prepare yourself
Many blood tests do not require fasting, but some tests require fasting. variwell health According to this, if the doctor asks to fast before the test, then his words should be followed so that accurate results can be obtained. Otherwise, the test may have to be repeated several times.

It is advisable not to eat anything after midnight for the test so that the blood test can be done early in the morning. In some tests, the patient is made unconscious, so the consumption of both food and water is banned. The medicines used in these tests can cause vomiting and nausea.

how long is it necessary to starve
Generally fasting for 8 to 12 hours is required before getting the blood test done. But the method of each test can be different, so fast according to the doctor’s advice. As far as possible one should try to get the blood test done early in the morning so that one does not have to starve for the whole day. If you have dinner till 8 in the night, then the test can be done at 8 in the morning.

what to eat after blood test
After the blood test, juice or milk should be consumed first so that dizziness and weakness can be avoided. People who are instructed not to drink water before the test may have dehydration problem, so ORS or lemonade can be consumed after the test. Avoid eating heavy food immediately after the test.

Include these things in the diet after the blood test.
– Fruits
– nuts
– Milk
– biscuit
– Oats
– Toast

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Which blood test requires fasting?
Liver function test
– blood sugar test
Triglyceride level test
Cholesterol test
Basic metabolic panel test
By conducting a blood test, the problem in the body can be detected. But for which blood test, for how long fasting is necessary, consult a doctor for this.

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