How much does a train wheel weigh? Knowing will not believe, even 5 people together cannot lift the load


Everyday crores of people go from one place to another through Indian Railways.
Apart from carrying passengers, Indian Railways also acts as a freight carrier.
Have you ever wondered how much the wheels of a train would weigh?

New Delhi. Who does not like to travel in the train, there is hardly anyone who gets bored in the train. While sitting in the train, along with the spectacular views, many different things are seen. Apart from this, there are many such things related to railways which people do not know. Passengers also see many of these things while traveling. But very few people know about them. Today we are going to give you such information about Indian Railways, about which you hardly know.

Apart from carrying passengers, Indian Railways also acts as a freight carrier. So has it ever crossed your mind that how much does the wheel of a train carrying thousands of passengers to their destination weigh? Let us tell if we do not know. According to the Steel Authority of India (SAIL), the engine and coach of the train are fitted with wheels of different weights.

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Know how much the weight of the wheels used to be in the coaches
If we talk about train coaches, then the weight of one wheel of red colored LHB coach is about 326 kg. Whereas, the weight of a wheel fitted in the compartment of normal trains running on broad gauge ranges from 384 to 394 kg. On the other hand, if we talk about EMU train, then the weight of one wheel in its coaches is about 423 kg.

Locomotives weigh differently from coaches
The weight of the wheel attached to the engine is more than that of the coaches. It is a well-known fact that the weight of the engine is more so the weight of its wheel is also more. The weight of one wheel of a narrow gauge train engine is 144 kg. The weight of one wheel of an engine running on meter gauge is 421 kg. The weight of one wheel of a diesel engine is about 528 kg. At the same time, the weight of one wheel of the electric engine is 554 kg. If the wheel of this train falls on someone, then many of his bones are bound to break. The weight of the wheels installed in the engine and the compartment of the train is different.

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