How should women take care of their mental health? Know the difference between anxiety and depression, self care is necessary

Mental Health Tips For Women: It is not necessary that for good mental health it is necessary to be happy all the time. In fact, women with good mental health know how to handle happiness and sadness, anger and excitement in a better way and are able to keep themselves better in such situations. But if women accept every situation and take care of their own mental health, then they can make themselves feel better and can also help in maintaining their health easily.

Reasons for mental health in women
According to Women’s Care, women often face multiple mental health challenges as compared to men. Women have higher rates of anxiety and depression than men. Sometimes due to physical health also triggers their mental stress. Postpartum depression due to changes in hormones, depression during menopause or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), etc. can also be the reason for this.

Symptoms of mental health problems are different from men
Women feel mental problems differently than men. Many men experience anger due to depression while women may experience fatigue, sadness and lack of inspiration. Let us tell you that every year, about 29 million American women struggle with mental problems.

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Keep mental health better like this
Exercise regularly to improve mental health.
Practice the habit of mindfulness (living in the moment).
For better mental health, you must take eight hours of sleep every night.
Make a habit of expressing gratitude to those people in your life who have helped you.
Think positive about yourself and others and stay away from pessimistic things.
-Try to be your new friend and build better relationships with people.
Keep yourself busy in those activities which you like to live or which have been your hobbies.

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recognize difference between anxiety and depression

If you are thinking on the same subject for a long time and experiencing negative feelings, then it can be a state of depression. In such a situation, a person considers himself helpless and starts living under the shadow of some fear.

If you are worried about any subject and are feeling panic again and again, then these are the symptoms of anxiety. Its treatment is possible and without treatment it can take a more serious form.

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