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How to know that the battery pack of EV is damaged, how much will it cost, know every detail


Car battery pack can cost in lakhs of rupees.
Overcharging the battery also makes it worse.
Weather also has a great effect on the battery pack.

New Delhi. Everyone has a desire to buy an electric vehicle, but everyone has many questions regarding its battery pack. Whether it is a scooter or a car, the biggest component of an electric vehicle is the battery pack. Along with this, it is also the most expensive part of the vehicle. In such a situation, there are always some questions in front of EV owners or those who want to buy in the future, such as how to know if the battery pack is damaged or is going to happen, at what price it will be right, how much warranty on the company. And is it a profitable deal to take an EV even after being so expensive.

EV owners are always in trouble regarding all these questions, to solve this problem, we have come up with the answer to your every question, so let us know what will be the life of the battery pack of your car or scooter.

How many years will the battery last?
Almost all auto companies will spend 8 years or 1.6 lakh km on the battery pack of your car. gives warranty of. At the same time, it is believed that the life of the battery can be more than 10 years if used properly. Same is the case with scooters, two wheeler manufacturing companies give a warranty of 3 to 5 years on the battery pack.

How to know if the battery is getting damaged?
It is quite easy to find out if the battery of an electric car or scooter is getting damaged. It never happens suddenly. Battery degrades slowly. When the range of your vehicle starts decreasing and you have to charge it again and again, then get the battery checked. Lowering the range is the best way to find out if the battery is bad.

How much will it cost?
The battery pack of EV is expensive. If it is damaged and not under warranty, you may have to spend a lot on it. Talking about the battery pack of the car, its price goes in lakhs of rupees, while the battery pack of two wheeler also sits for many thousands.

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What are the causes of deterioration?
If the battery of an electric vehicle is deteriorating before its life span, then there are many reasons for it. The biggest reason for this is how you are charging. Excessive use of fast charger also damages the battery. At the same time, discharging the battery completely or charging 100 percent every time also reduces the life of the battery. The EV battery should be charged when it reaches a minimum of 15 percent, while it should charge from 80 to 85 percent.

Does the weather make a difference?
It is true that the weather also has a great effect on the battery. In areas where the temperature remains in minus or above 27 ° C, there is a problem of battery failure quickly.

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