How to know that the coaches have separated from the train, there are many ways, what does the driver do in such a situation

The biggest sign of separation of the rear coach from the train is continuous braking. Due to the separation of the cans, the brake pressure starts decreasing. In the same way as it happens at the time of chain pulling. After this the driver starts applying brakes slowly. (nw18)
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If the loco pilot ignores it for any reason, then the guard sitting in the rear compartment tries to stop the driver by showing a green colored flag or lamp. The driver or his helper keeps looking behind every few moments and gets to know about it.
how to driver get to know about train parting

After this, if it is possible to bring the train back and join it, then it is done, otherwise the guard gives a written permission to the driver to take the front part and reach the station and then the same engine or another engine comes to pick up the remaining part. (file photo)
how to driver get to know about train parting

If the loco pilot does not have any information about the train parting and goes ahead, then at the next station the station master comes to know about it by looking at the last coach of the train. (wikipedia)
how to driver get to know about train parting

If there is no X mark on the last coach of the train, it means that the rear coach has been missed and now that train will be stopped at the same station until the rest of the coach is brought there and added. (Photo Ministry of Railways Twitter)
how driver get to know about train parting

If the train is running for a long distance without the rear coaches, then it is known by the aluminum box next to the track, which is counting the iron rod connecting the wheels of the train. The count being less means that the train coaches are not complete. (news18)
how driver get to know about train parting

Let us tell you that the place where the rear part of the train is left is called the block section. After this the signalman is informed who stops the trains from coming on that route. (news18)

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