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How to make strong effective decoction

As soon as the winter season comes, people start getting viral infections like cold, cough etc. Viral infection bothers people whose immunity system is weak. In the cold season, people face more problems of cold and cold. Many times people go to the doctor to get rid of it, and sometimes they find a solution to this problem at home. Yes, people in India use the decoction to cure cold and flu.

The decoction is a panacea for cold and flu. You can make the decoction in different ways. It not only increases the immunity of our body but it also improves the digestion system. You can make two types of decoctions to get rid of cold and flu.

decoction of basil

To make Tulsi decoction, you need Tulsi leaves and lemongrass. Wash both of them thoroughly and then put water in a pan and boil it on medium flame. When the water becomes slightly hot, add basil leaves, lemongrass and ginger to it and boil it for about 30 to 35 minutes. Add jaggery according to taste and turn it off. Stir it with a spoon till the jaggery dissolves. After 2 minutes, filter it in a cup and drink it slowly.

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celery decoction

Celery is beneficial for our health. To make celery decoction, you need water, two teaspoons of celery, a pinch of turmeric, and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

To make Ajwain decoction, first of all take water according to the need and put it on the gas.
When the water becomes slightly hot, add celery and turmeric to it.
Let the water boil on the gas till it becomes half
After this take it out in the glass with the help of a sieve.
Then add lemon or vinegar according to your taste

Take your celery decoction is ready. Ajwain decoction is effective in curing cold and flu.

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