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Hrithik Roshan takes some such diet to stay fit

What does Hrithik Roshan Eats In A Day: There are only a few actors in Bollywood who are very famous for their physique and fitness. People are ready to do anything to make a body like them. For example, take Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan’s name comes at the top when it comes to fit and toned body. Even today people are surprised to see his abs. Obviously, a lot of hard work and restraint is behind such a body. They work hard to make the stars look like they are. Today we know what kind of diet plan of Hrithik is.

What Hrithik’s personal nutritionist has to say –

About Hrithik’s diet, GQ spoke to Akshay Arora, founder of Neat Meals, a nutrient solution provider company. The safes provided by him work for Hrithik’s ‘Safe On Board’ service and provide him food that is full of nutrition and taste. In this regard, Akshay says that Hrithik always takes his food very seriously and never chooses unhealthy options.

Follows the three mile pattern –

Akshay further said that Hrithik generally follows the three-mile pattern i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. He seldom eats an evening snack. Their breakfast is protein packed with eggs or a protein smoothie. In lunch, he takes light carbs like rice, quinoa, starchy vegetables and some protein and fat. He does not take any kind of carb at night and takes vegetables along with animal protein.

Their diet consists of the most protein, some less fat and even less carbohydrate.

Hrithik does it fast

When Hrithik feels necessary, he also fasts and his dedication is known from the fact that no day is a cheat meal for him. They never eat anything they shouldn’t be eating. Along with this, they also focus on workouts.

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