Humans will be very happy after reading this news! All robots failed in this work


Zoom Pizza made a slight change in its business in 2020.
In the same year, the company had thrown out about 500 people.
Despite the funding, the company was facing technical difficulties.

New Delhi. Nowadays there is noise of AI everywhere. People are feeling that in the coming time, AI-powered robots will eat their jobs. However, experts are constantly saying that this is not possible. A human mind is needed to run the robots. A sample of this is now coming to the fore. Zume, a company that makes pizza with robots, has been locked.

Started in 2015, this company had raised funding up to $500 million. Its investors included investment companies like Soft Bank. The purpose of Zoom was to automate the process of pizza making. Investors also liked its idea very much, so the company got good funding. But after this the company had to face many problems related to technology.

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bankrupt company
According to a report by Crunchbase, the company has gone bankrupt. Trading in its shares was also stopped in May. A restructuring company named Sherwood Partners has been entrusted with the responsibility of selling Zume’s assets. The company had made several layoffs in 2020. Within a year, the company had fired 500 employees. According to a report, the company’s co-founder and CEO Alex Garden wrote in an email that the decision to fire people was taken because the funding talks from many places remained inconclusive. Apart from this, he also told the epidemic as a reason.

what was the problem
Zoom Pizzas are prepared in a truck. They were also made in moving trucks. In such a situation, it was difficult to prevent the melted cheese from slipping off the pizza. Due to this the company was facing a lot of trouble and loss. For this reason, the company had made many high officials run.

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