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Husband told his wife in a cool way, knowing his location will not stop your laughter

Wife – Hello! Where are you?
Husband- Remember, last Diwali we went to a jewelery shop…where you also liked a necklace.
Wife – Yes I remembered…
Husband- and I didn’t have money at that time
Wife (Happily) – Yes, I remember.
Husband- And then I said that one day I will give this necklace to you.
Wife (and more happily) – Yes, yes, I remember very well.
Husband- I am just getting a haircut in the shop next to him… I will come a little late.

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Both Golu and Gappu brothers studied in the same class.
Teacher- Why did both of you write your father’s name differently?
Golu – Madam, then you will say that I have copied, so.

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From a friend to another friend – The petrol of the car ran out,
Can’t move the car anymore.
Second friend – Never mind, put the car in reverse gear.. let’s go back home.

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